STL Armor Lite | Multitube Gel Filled Double Jacket FRP Armored OFC

SKU: B30012S301GAP40000
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STL Armor Lite | Multitube Gel Filled Double Jacket FRP Armored OFC

STL ARMOR-LITE OSP DJ Flat FRP Armored Multitube Double Jacket Fiber Optic Cables are typically used for outside plant (OSP) applications. Suitable for directly buried by cable plough and open trench installation methods in harsh environments. This cable comes with loose tubes containing optical fiber & water blocking gel, loose tube is S-Z
stranded over FRP, surrounded with water-swellable tape to prevent water ingress in the cable. An inner sheath of polyethylene is extruded over stranded core and Flat FRPs are helically wrapped over the inner sheath forming a rodent protected dielectric armoring. A thermoplastic dual jacket of polyethylene & polyamide is extruded over the FRP armor layer making the cable robust and installation friendly.


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