STL wall mounted rack cabinets are designed to provide superior performance on cabling and networking infrastructure. These racks are available in 7U, 9U, 12U, 16U and 20U heights with 600x300mm, 600x450mm, 600x500mm and 600x600mm dimensions.
The side sections of the rack are detachable, hence making wall installation easy and fast. These racks come with lockable safety-glass door, 210° door opening angle and 1-point locking mechanism for maximum safety. Inside cabinet, 19” galvanized profile rails mounted on the front side and 600mm depth cabinets have 19” profile rails both on the front and rear side. There are pre-punched cable entries 70mmx146mm on top & bottom and 100mmx250mm on rear chassis. Top case has a ready forced ventilation (fan module) integration area. This area with pre- punched slots provides passive heat removal function via convection.


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