OH-Lite - Single Mode Optical Fibre G.652.D

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Regular price Rs. 650.00

STL OH-Lite series of G.652.D optical fibre accommodates enhanced attenuation, geometry, dispersion and macro-bend loss properties. Nova deliers superior performance in wide application areas like long haul, metro-city, access and CATV networks

Lead Time 4 (Weeks)

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Important Information

- STL manufacture OF from our own glass preform.
- It is also available in colour, single, double & triple ring marking on demand

Other Terms and Conditions

1. Prices are for natural fibre. Also available in colour on demand.
2. Shipping charges extra
3. Payment term will be 100% advance
4. 70% of the order quantity will be in 50.4 KM length and remaining 30% in the multiple of 2.1 km with minimum of 4.2 km