NGB Next Generation patch and splice Box

The Optotec NGB line, designed with simple and innovative design appealing and linear look, properly fits PON and FTTH needs. Reliable and able to match the highest international quality standard (IEC 61753) in order to operate in C (controlled) G (outside) A (aerial) categories. Suitable both for internal (buildings, technical rooms) and external application (wall, pole, cabinet, pedestal), they can be used in dust and water presence. The full selection of available accessories allows the management of different types of cables and fibers (G652 and G657), besides the possibility to obtain different versions of sole splicing or both patch and splice.

By using Optotec SAM modules it is possible to match different splice capacity, applying some protection systems both mechanical (FIBERCLIP) and heath-shrinkable (FIBERTERM). Moreover the boxes are designed for allocating the patching systems with the main common connectors on the market, in addition to the locally mounted ones, PLC and optical reflectors. Optotec NGB series is featured by a variety of lock security systems against accidental or unauthorized openings.

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