OXF Optical Xconnect Frame

Optotec OXF are light metal frames designed to offer maximum modularity and flexibility. The OXF rack is the most compact, cost-saving solution on the market. It can be delivered in flat packaging to reduce shipping costs and for easy onsite assembly. Many configurations available (close, partially open or open frames).

The modular OXF design naturally allows installation in rows, back-to-back and stand-alone. The OXF building blocks range includes modules and kits, which allow to assemble bespoke structures according to your needs. Thanks to this built-in flexibility, this product is suitable for different types of Central Office applications.

Together with Optotec panels, OXF racks have a capacity of up to 4,320 fibres in 45 units. The frames have an innovative and adaptable patch cable management area with the possibility of managing a standard patch cable length of 4 meters for each cross connection inside the rack. Completely pre-assembled solutions are available according to customer requirements to ensure saving time and costs on-site.

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OXF Optical Xconnect Frame
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