ODP UFO Universal Fibre Outlet

The Optotec ODP UFO (Universal Fibre Outlet) wall socket by STL is a simple and versatile solution to the termination needs for the end user of fibre optic networks. The clean lines make this product ideal for installation inside any home.

Its compactness which stands out even more when you open it, discovering the many features it contains:
- The input cable can be accessed from all sides, allowing it to be mounted both vertically and horizontally
- The shape has been designed to simplify installation operations as much as possible
- The tray inside automatically remains in a raised position
- The fibre passages are protected and guarantee a minimum radius of curvature compatible
- It is possible to disperse up to 20m of bare fibre to distinguish different customers with OTDRs
- It is possible to to install a reflector and a field installable connector
- Securing the cover to the base by means of a screw prevents from accidental openings

Ergonomic, Small and Compact design
Easy Installation
Optional Series: colours, custom kits and labels
Business and Residential Fibre To The Wall connectivity

Download Datasheet

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