STL HD A2 250 Fibre

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STL HD A2 250 fibre is an ultra-low bend loss ITU-T G.657.A2 compliant fibre with a 250-micron diameter. The induced loss of this fibre at the tightest bends is a factor of two lower than the ITU-T G.657.A2 standard providing installation and operational efficiencies in high density (HD) networks. This ultra-low bend loss extends to the longer wavelengths
required for future system upgrades. Fibres with ultra-low bend loss allow operators to optimize their physical asset utilization and future proof their high-density networks.

Lead Time 8 (Weeks)

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 Other Terms and Conditions

1. Prices are for natural fiber. Also available in color on demand
2.  Shipping charges are extra
3. The payment term will be 100% advance.
4. 70% of the order quantity will be in 50.4 km length and the remaining 30% in the multiple of 2.1 km with a minimum of 4.2 km.

Important Information

- STL manufacture OF from our own glass preform.
- It is also available in color, single, double & triple ring marking on demand.

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